The Art of Living is Living…Grandeur.

We’ve recently revised our Fort Worth showroom and added a diverse selection of interior design decor. From past trips to Europe we couldn’t help but bring a piece of that to you. Be mesmerized by rustic and timeless antiques that are reminiscent of the French Countryside. French Country embodies a quality that’s quiet yet sophisticated […]

When you hear the word “industrial,” you think factories, pipes and hardware. But in interior design, industrial is sleek and extraordinary. In our Fort Worth showroom, Grandeur Design presents décor that reflects industrial design but with a classic look. See how you can add this touch to your home décor. Industrial elements are usually seen […]

The “rustic” theme is quite trendy these days. Earthy materials from the outdoors are being embraced indoors. Today, interior designers are finding innovative ways to recycle natural materials. One such material is reclaimed and exotic wood. By accenting your home with reclaimed wood, you can easily turn a bleak space into a serene and calming […]

When styling your kitchen, try to avoid leaving a wall completely empty. Kitchen artwork should be stylish, yet creative. Stay away from the traditional “kitchen art” of fruit or kitchen utensils- mix it up! Create your own art gallery with modern, DIY, or antique pieces. Modern Art: With its elaborate and bold statements, modern art […]

Headboards are a main focal point in one’s bedroom. The headboard itself is a piece of art and with so many types of headboards, how do you know which piece is right for your room? Tufted: From traditional to country bedrooms, tufted headboards are a prevalent choice. You’re able to reupholster it with any fabric […]