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Mirrors are great for reflecting light and emphasizing a room’s symmetry. While mirrors are always a great addition to any wall, mirrors are being seen as practical artwork. Artistic wall mirrors, mirrored furniture, and small mirror accessories bring luxury with a contemporary flair to your space.

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Update your wall by choosing mirrors with an enticing frame and design, yet that’s still functional. Mirrors doubling as art are still able to brighten and broaden your space. Displaying such mirrors can easily compliment any home’s design with an opulent and graphic touch.


UtterMost Classon VanityMirror


Besides wall mirrors, mirrored home décor can double as stunning sculptures. Mirrored chests, side tables, consoles, and tabletops look expensive and are current. Use sparingly throughout your space because too much of anything is overwhelming. With the variety of shapes and designs, life is instantly added to a simple decorated space. Mirrored furniture that’s distressed and aged brings a neat look when combined with other intricate details. A vintage sophistication, that’s sweet and feminine, is felt.


UtterMostAccentTable 2


Mirrored accessories can produce an art deco glamor effect as well. These small accents have the ability to command more attention than larger pieces. When one walks into a room, one notices shiny and luminous objects first. Utilize mirrored vases, lamps, boxes, picture frames, or trays that can make great centerpieces. Pair with candles or flowers and you’ve easily created a magnificent focal point.




These solid and enchanting pieces embody a quality that allows them to stand as individual art. Incorporating mirrored pieces brings emotions to produce a modern and contemporary design like no other. You’re able to add the right amount of innovation without being domineering.


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Mirrored Images:

Image 1: Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom

Images 2 and 3: Courtesy of Utter Most

Image 4: Courtesy of Regina Andrew

Image 5: Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom

There are many opportunities to try your hand at interior design, even for the smallest spaces and surfaces. Most rooms have small accent tables or buffets to reflect a room’s style. But what do you put on such surfaces? Clutter isn’t attractive, arranging clever and interesting pieces or accessories are the key.


When positioning your table décor look for balance, texture, and interest. Your table décor should soften up your space or contribute to that effect. Vary your objects’ heights with a “waterfall” design. Start from high to low and then wrap around or bring down to complete the arrangement. You want your table arrangement to add curiosity without the chaos, so be selective with your pieces.

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Seeing if your accessories look and feel right together is part formula and part intuition. Stay away from fussy knick-knacks, instead choose a few large pieces and small greenery, like a plant or floral.On long buffet style tables, place your focal point piece in the middle, then flow out by placing taller lamps, or objects, on both sides for balance. If your focal point in the middle is tall, flow out with shorter candles or items on each side.


Any table in sight and certain elements shouldn’t be lonely. In this case, think minimal. For large tables and surfaces, place a tray in the middle and then layer with simple items. In return it will look like the table isn’t as massive. The tray is able to break up the surface with its arrangement that includes an elegant flower and a decent sized book.


With the objects utilized in your table’s décor, it can take your space’s design in any direction. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, focus on objects that are thoughtful yet distinguishing in style, shape, and height.

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Accessorizing Table Images:

Images 1 : Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom

Image 2: Courtesy of UtterMost

Image 3: Courtesy go Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom


This season’s geometric patterns aren’t just for fabrics and tiles! They are great options for furniture designs, too. You’ll find geometric patterns in warm metal hues for tables and accent home décor. Mixing these two trends- warm metals and patterns- exhibits a versatile style that can be flattering for your home.

Our newly redesigned Fort Worth showroom carries a variety of interior design styles. In our modern and contemporary section, we showcase side tables that include simplified geometric shapes and patterns. With their unusual geometric pattern, adding a mirror glass or marble top on the table will embellish the effect.


Popular geometric patterns include ovals, honeycombs, squares, and other quadratic shapes. Easily incorporate small decorative accents to quickly, yet fashionably, acknowledge the trend. From accent décor to furniture, geometric patterns offer an extra edge that produces a sense of sophistication to your space.

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The combination of shapes and metals are perfectly executed within the given pieces. As light shines onto the warm metals, it organically enhances the geometric pattern and its color. One trend doesn’t overpower the other, there’s a balance between the two. Simple geometric patterns are repeated throughout the furniture’s design to add depth to a seemingly flat room.


These minimalist pieces are flattering, functional, beautiful, and are incredible standing art. This design exemplifies a transitional style with its ability to be neutral and creative.

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Geometric Pattern Home Decor Images:

Image 1: Courtesy of Old World Design

Images 2 and 3: Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom

Image 4: Courtesy of Pinterest

Image 5: Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom


A beautiful custom floral arrangement can add a special touch to any space. No matter your space’s design or style Grandeur Design can create the perfect arrangement for your space.

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The majority of our florals are created in our studio in Decatur, TX. There we have a variety of containers, flowers, and other design elements to choose from. Before assembling, we take into account the specific room’s color palette and style and which flowers will accent the space perfectly. Each flower or pod is cut perfectly and placed strategically; giving you the exact vision you’re looking for.

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Our custom designs display an unexpected, yet pleasing form that’s visually striking. As we construct, we closely consider every element of design, tweaking until it’s just right.

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Our method is why we’re able to achieve such fabulous custom pieces for clients and customers. Whether it’s a centerpiece in a grand dining area, or for a small side table, we want every arrangement to be completely unique and original.

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Floral Arrangement Images:

All Images: Courtesy of the Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom