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Flourishing Floral Designs


A beautiful custom floral arrangement can add a special touch to any space. No matter your space’s design or style Grandeur Design can create the perfect arrangement for your space.

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The majority of our florals are created in our studio in Decatur, TX. There we have a variety of containers, flowers, and other design elements to choose from. Before assembling, we take into account the specific room’s color palette and style and which flowers will accent the space perfectly. Each flower or pod is cut perfectly and placed strategically; giving you the exact vision you’re looking for.

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Our custom designs display an unexpected, yet pleasing form that’s visually striking. As we construct, we closely consider every element of design, tweaking until it’s just right.

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Our method is why we’re able to achieve such fabulous custom pieces for clients and customers. Whether it’s a centerpiece in a grand dining area, or for a small side table, we want every arrangement to be completely unique and original.

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Floral Arrangement Images:

All Images: Courtesy of the Grandeur Design Fort Worth showroom

French Country Retreat

We’ve recently revised our Fort Worth showroom and added a diverse selection of interior design decor. From past trips to Europe we couldn’t help but bring a piece of that to you. Be mesmerized by rustic and timeless antiques that are reminiscent of the French Countryside.



French Country embodies a quality that’s quiet yet sophisticated to fit any room and age. It has both feminine and rustic appeal that’s comforting and peaceful. French inspired home décor includes beautifully aged artifacts and antiques, big or small.


Décor with distressed and faded detailing takes one back to a special time in history. Individuals will be engaged with the handcrafted elements that are rarely seen today. Select furniture pieces featuring worn wooden legs and armrests to reflect the timeless influence. Find items such as antique doors, windows, mirrors or candles that have a special significance. These beautifully crafted objects have noticeably deep carvings that make them one of a kind.

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Vibrant colors aren’t normally applied within this style. Fabrics and color palettes should contain soft blues, greens, and buttery shades. Light shades will enrich the elegant detailing on your furniture and décor. You can incorporate rich and warm dark tones to accent the organic color palettes but use sparingly.

2015-03-11 16.16.52 copy

In your space, allow natural light to come through window treatments for an instant burst of energy. Place flowers on tabletops or other flat surfaces to echo the beauty and charm of the French. Whether it’s custom or DYI, French Country style encompasses an atmosphere that’s soothing for everyone in your home. Best of luck creating your own French Country getaway! J’Adore!

Yellow Pale Living Room - Unknown


French Country Images:

Image 1 and 2: Courtesy of Grandeur Design

Image 3: Courtesy of “The Houses of VERANDA”

Image 4 and 5: Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth Showroom

Image 6: Courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth Showroom

Image 7: Courtesy of Pinterest


Industrial Chic

When you hear the word “industrial,” you think factories, pipes and hardware. But in interior design, industrial is sleek and extraordinary. In our Fort Worth showroom, Grandeur Design presents décor that reflects industrial design but with a classic look. See how you can add this touch to your home décor.


Industrial elements are usually seen in contemporary, modern, and in loft apartments, but it’s making it’s way into other types of spaces and design styles. What’s great about this style is that it displays neutral tones within metal yet practical objects. Pair industrial items with wood and metal surfaces and with grey and white wall colors.

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Get the industrial look with furniture or accent pieces that showcase the warm and cast iron metals seen associated with industrial. Mix these metal pieces with other dated materials and textures that naturally suggest the past. Small objects and art are able to make a bold statement without overpowering the room. You can see how a simple detail can clearly add an upscale edge to your space.

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When used correctly, industrial can blend well with any particular design plan. This unique style is applied in a number of ways that can work with any budget. The possibilities are endless.



Industrial Images:

Image 1 courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth Showroom

Image 2 courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth Showroom

Image 3 courtesy of Grandeur Design

Image 4 courtesy of Grandeur Design Fort Worth Showroom

Knock On Wood

The “rustic” theme is quite trendy these days. Earthy materials from the outdoors are being embraced indoors. Today, interior designers are finding innovative ways to recycle natural materials. One such material is reclaimed and exotic wood.

By accenting your home with reclaimed wood, you can easily turn a bleak space into a serene and calming one. Utilize wood in the simplest ways in order to create cohesiveness with the rest of the home’s design.

Live edge dining room tables and kitchen counter tops are made from rotting and salvaged woods from empty beaches and woods. Great for contemporary and rustic homes, every piece is different with its own unique features and story. If you want something smaller, simply add a live edge coffee table. Take advantage of the wood’s organic shape and irregular edges to help plan your room’s layout and décor.

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Wood can be options for other home décor as well. Create a headboard for your bedroom by using old wood panels. Place wood-like tiles and sandstone tiles on your bathroom floor. For a blank space, position wide planks of wood on your walls or staircase steps.



Choose color palettes that can enhance the wood’s natural material, beauty, and warmth. Pick colors from nature- earthy colors such as green, or yellow. Dark colors can have a deep impact, as well. Don’t be afraid to contrast your wooden pieces with sleek and sophisticated elements, too. This includes bold light fixtures, table décor, accessories, chairs, etc.




Wooden Furniture and Decor:

Image 1 courtesy of Pinterest

Image 2 courtesy of Pinterest

Image 3 courtesy of Phillips Collection

Image 4 courtesy of Phillips Collection

Displaying Art in Your Kitchen

When styling your kitchen, try to avoid leaving a wall completely empty. Kitchen artwork should be stylish, yet creative. Stay away from the traditional “kitchen art” of fruit or kitchen utensils- mix it up! Create your own art gallery with modern, DIY, or antique pieces.

Modern Art: With its elaborate and bold statements, modern art should be incorporated within modern or contemporary kitchens. Pick from black and white paintings/photography, unusual ceiling light fixtures, and art with mood setting colors. Keep in mind the art should flatter the kitchen’s color palette.


DIY: Create art or collages that shows your personality. Use vintage signs/advertisements, but always keep in mind your kitchen’s color palette. Create a wall collage with different size frames.


Antique Art: Choose antique art that references a certain time period or historical reference. Frame old building blueprints that have faded paper and color, or even old family photos and recipes.

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Whether it’s big, small, old, or new- displaying art in your kitchen is an excellent way to add sophistication to your culinary space.


Kitchen Art images:

Image one, photo courtesy of Wendover Art

Image two, photo courtesy of Pinterest

Image three, photo courtesy of Pinterest