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Headboards are a main focal point in one’s bedroom. The headboard itself is a piece of art and with so many types of headboards, how do you know which piece is right for your room?

Tufted: From traditional to country bedrooms, tufted headboards are a prevalent choice. You’re able to reupholster it with any fabric to accommodate your style. These are also a popular option for guest rooms because they can be gender neutral.


Organize it: Headboards can be organizational units too, which is especially helpful for small rooms. Frame your bed by placing shelving panels on each side. Then, add bold fabric to fill the blank space created.


Vintage: For a vintage look, think outside the box- you can use almost anything. From old doors, shutters or windows to cultural antiques like advertisements and mural paintings.


Grandeur Design is proud to offer custom manufacturing. Each piece reflects our clients’ style and is truly one of a kind.





Headboard Images:

Image one, photo courtesy of Houte House Collection

Image two, photo courtesy of Architecture Design Magazine

Image three, photo courtesy of Dream Whites: French Farmhouse Inspired Living

Images four and five, Grandeur Design showroom, Fort Worth, TX

Shine with Copper

Metallic has always been a source for a hint of intensity in design. Radiating boldness and warmth, metallic options include bronze, gold, copper, and rose gold. Usually paired with neutral, black, and white color palettes, they immediately add sophistication to any room. Though gold remains a fixture in homes, copper has more of an intimate and rich look that’s feasible. It easily compliments different materials such as dark wood and marble with its added shine, texture, and elegance.

Not only can copper instantly generate an edge, it’s also simple to find and is cost efficient. Accent your home with copper furniture, light fixtures, knobs, sink fixtures, or decorative accessories. This warm metallic comes in an array of shapes and styles from classic to vintage that can be interchangeable.

Global Views CuffCocktailTable-copper

Always be aware of how much copper you add; less is more. Pick one piece or a few small pieces grouped together as the focal point. Light fixtures, candles, pillows, and vases are ideal small pieces to use. As a result, a big yet subtle statement has been produced for your room.

2015-03-26 14.06.03 copy

Copper images:

Image one, photo courtesy of Global Views

Image two, Grandeur Design showroom, Ft. Worth, TX

How To Design and Prepare Your Guest Room

When you have a guest staying in your home, their space should be inviting and comfortable. As the host, your goal is to create a guest room that is both practical and livable.

The room’s color palette sets the ambiance and energy for your guest. Use neutral shades for the walls; warm or cool colors that are tasteful and inviting. This applies for your bedding, as well. Khaki, grey or taupe are all pleasing options. Of course, you can never go wrong with classic white.

You’ll want to add a “pop” of color to the room. For this, use pillows or other accent pieces; such as a vase, mirror or picture frames.

2015-02-10 12.39.35 copy

A few extras to include for your special guest:

  • Provide fresh flowers, but be sensitive to any allergies.
  • Leave reading materials, an alarm clock, and reading lights.
  • Don’t forget to leave instructions and passwords so they can connect to your WIFI.
  • Provide extra bathroom amenities; hairdryer, extra towels, tissues, soaps and shampoos.


The ornament of a house is the guests who frequent it.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson