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A Day on Lake Como, Italy

A Day on Lake Como, Italy

On every business trip Susan and I try to have a little fun.   We planned an incredible day with our husbands touring Lake Como by boat.

picFirst, we had breakfast at Hotel Villa d’Este, which is the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen.


pic2These gardens are on the hotel’s property. AMAZING!!!

pic3Here are our sweet husbands. We love that they are the best of friends :)


The lake is filled with one amazing estate after another.

pic12So pristine!!


pic13This is George Clooney’s estate.

pic7Our captain was precious!! He was passionate about every estate he showed us. He loved telling us all kinds of little stories about when the rich and famous come to their Lake Como estates.

pic8One of my favorites is Richard Branson’s estate. It was out of a fairy tale.



Does this look familiar???   If you are a Star Wars fan it should. This is where they filmed the scene where Anakin Skywalker and Princess Patamay were married. I remember how amazed I was about it in the movie but in person it is even more beautiful – MAJESTIC!!!



We stopped and had lunch at a precious little café on the lake and saw this crazy tree with the sign grown into it.



We end the day knowing that we are so blessed to have such an amazing experience with each other.